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Latest AirPods release date hint expects launch next month for Apple's wireless earphones
Apple's new AirPods appear to take totally wireless earphones one step further than any competitor so far, but we can't be too sure just yet because of the delayed release and impending launch. AirPods were originally set to release in late October, then Apple said it needed ‘a little more time' to ensure they're ready for customers.We're now moving past the iPhone 7 launch and into the holiday shopping season with no set launch date for AirPods, but there are a few guesses at just when we should expect to buy Apple's new wireless earbuds …The latest guess comes from a Czech Republic retailer which lands on the optimistic side and expects AirPods to ship before the end of the year. The online listing for AirPods states that the retailer expects AirPods to ship in December 2016, which could see AirPods released before Christmas Day.As ever, take the rumor with a huge grain of salt as online listings are a lot like throwing darts at a dartboard and seeing where they land. A more conservative prediction comes by way of the Chinese supply chain, which expects production to kick off only in time for a January 2017 launch.The most optimistic yet has been from a European retailer that German Apple blog discovered, which believes AirPods could go on sale as early as tomorrow. So the most recent predictions include tomorrow, next month, and next year …
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