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How to mute progress updates from your friends and hide your own data in Activity sharing
Activity sharing is a tried and tested way to boost your app engagement by pitting your own fitness data against others that are willing to share theirs. Fitbitand Nike knew for a while of the extra motivation released when someone else monitors your activity, Apple knows full well since iOS 10 and watchOS 3. Agreeing to share and relay your activity on Apple Watch can hence be an inspirational thing, but it also results in a considerable increase of wrist-buzzing every day.The following tutorial on no account is an insider's tip, however if you have committed to sharing your activity and your patience with the daily activity updates from your friend is starting to wear thin, remember that there is an option to mute those notifications. The tutorial, or reminder (depending on your level of knowledge), also demonstrates how to hide your own activity from that friend, in case you don't want them to know about your newest calories crushing workout just yet.As a matter of course, the amount of progress updates and notifications pouring in on your Apple Watch are always relative to the activity levels of your friends, meaning a couch potato friend is not going to produce as many buzzes on your own wrist as a fitness junkie pal. If you have signed up to share your data with someone of the more sportive kind though, you will have noticed that the daily count can easily exceed a handful of notifications.
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