Zamen | زامن
Facebook videos will now automatically play sound by default
Facebook announced a suite of new changes to its video platform today, including a new setting that will autoplay videos with the sound turned on by default. This change means that, if your phone is not set to silent and you haven't disabled the feature in Facebook's mobile settings panel, every video in the News Feed will have audio fading in as you scroll past it. The switch from muting videos by default follows a multi-month testing period that first surfaced last August. It's currently unclear whether Facebook's app will take priority over music being streamed from Spotify or played elsewhere from a mobile device. We've asked Facebook for clarification on that point. Dan Rose, Facebook's vice president of partnerships, did stress that the company is trying not to be user-hostile with the change. “We're going to honor the sound settings on your phone,” he said today at Recode's Code Media conference. “If sound is on your phone, we'll default to sound on rather than off.”
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