Zamen | زامن
Instagram is one of the last online escapes in the Trump era
There are few places left on the internet where you can avoid Donald Trump. News about the president and his administration dominate Facebook and Twitter in 2017. Seemingly every front page, news app, and headline have been yanked into the gravitational swirl of modern politics. Your options so far are limited: you can boldly embrace what it means to be politically active on social media or you can log off for extended periods of time, but not much else. However, there is one place where our demagogue-in-chief rarely rears his head: Instagram. The photo-sharing app is one of the last places online that has remained relatively impervious to the Trump effect. Instead of confronting a deluge of horrors in the news, Instagram is a still a place where it feels appropriate and necessary to post a heart-warming selfie, or to douse a shot of the sunset with a little bit too much saturation.
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