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Review: Raumfeld One M – a phenomenal-sounding Wi-Fi streaming speaker [Video]
When it comes to multi-room audio solutions, Sonos is about as ubiquitous as it gets, but German audio manufacturer Raumfeld is looking to get into the action with its own set of wireless speakers.Its 120 watt One M Wireless Speaker ($499 on Amazon) has been sitting on my desk for the last few weeks, and like Sonos, it brings easy to configure wireless audio streaming to any room in the house. Raumfeld sent me two speaker setups to test, the aforementioned single speaker One M, and the Stereo Cubes — an option that delivers a wider sound stage.I'm still putting the Stereo Cubes to the test, but have used the One M for long enough that I feel comfortable speaking about its pluses and minuses. If you subscribe to one of the unit's supported streaming services, and are aware of its shortcomings in this regard, then the One M can be an excellent pick.
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