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Shazam does U-turn on Mac app after privacy concerns over always-on microphone
Shazam has told CNET that it will be changing the way the Mac app works in response to privacy concerns. This is despite an earlier statement to Motherboard that it had no reason to make changes.Security researcher Patrick Wardle yesterday spotted that the Shazam app keeps the Mac's microphone switched on even when the app is set to off. Wardle's blog post noted that the app doesn't process audio data in any way when it is set to off, and stated that he was ‘conflicted on whether or not this is a big deal.' But the publicity seems to have spooked Shazam, which has now said that it will change this behaviour, even though it will deliver a worse experience for users …Shazam acknowledged that Wardle was correct: the app does indeed continue to leave the mic open when Shazam's toggle is set to ‘off,' but VP James Pearson explained both why this was done and why the company doesn't believe it creates a security risk.
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