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Video roundup: Unboxing and hands-on with Apple's truly wireless AirPods
As AirPods finally start shipping to customers this evening, a handful of new videos from reviewers have gone live. While early reviews were first posted back in September, these reviews go into a bit more detail and show off the final, consumer-ready version of Apple's truly wireless earbuds.Popular tech reviewer MKBHD went hands-on with AirPods in his latest video, focusing on the performance of the product rather than the design and somewhat laughable appearance. The video shows the connection process to other Apple devices via the W1 technology. Essentially, once the AirPods are paired with one device, they're paired with all of your Apple devices.MKBHD explains that sound quality of the AirPods is similar if not a little bit better than Apple's traditional EarPods, while also noting that the size and fit are both nearly exactly the same. Concerning battery life, he explains that if you're using Airpods during a something like a commute for a couple of hours per day, you can easily get a week or more out of the AirPods thanks to the charging case.Ultimately, however, he concludes that he's more a fan of the Jaybird X3 than Apple's AirPods.
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