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Opinion: An Apple display with built-in eGPU could be a smart move right now
Many were disappointed by Apple's apparent decision to abandon the display market in favor of recommending LG models. While LG's 5K UltraFine is an excellent display in many ways, neither the design nor the build quality live up to Apple standards. As I said in an earlier piece, it may be shallow to care about the aesthetics of the monitor, but a display is something we stare at all day long. Given that part of the reason we buy Apple kit is the beautiful designs, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect an officially-recommended display to live up to the same standard. Apple could satisfy many people by simply putting the 5K UltraFine innards into an Ive-designed casing. But I think a new Apple display could also help the company solve a second – less shallow – problem … One of the key challenges faced by Apple is its somewhat schizophrenic position. Apple is, today, a consumer electronics company which also makes a few business products. It's entirely understandable that it would focus most of its attention first on consumers rather than professionals, and second on the iPhone rather than Macs. But many professional users feel aggrieved because the company grew to be successful on the back of our loyalty. Early Mac enthusiasts were writers, photographers, musicians, videographers and the like. We were the people who were evangelists for the platform and the company, and introduced Macs to our friends and colleagues. Without our enthusiasm, Apple could never have achieved the success it has. Had we not helped Apple turn the Mac into a popular and profitable product, there would never have been an iPod, iPhone or iPad. Some pro users feel the company has all but abandoned them, adopting a ‘thanks for your past support but we don't really need you now' attitude.
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