Zamen | زامن
How to save your .shsh2 blobs automatically online with TSSSaver
A couple of days ago, we covered how to save your .shsh2 blobs manually with tsschecker, and many of you have reported back saying you managed to successfully grab them. However, if you haven't got them yet and don't feel tech-savvy enough to mess around with the Terminal commands required, you can try this online tool instead which should save them for you. The tool's source code can be consulted online if you want to examine it, and comes courtesy of 1Conan. It is essentially an online wrapper for tihmstar's TSSChecker but runs from a website instead of from your computer. Our guide will walk you through using it, and may help you out if you already tried TSSChecker and encountered an error, or if you haven't the time or know-how for the more complex manual guide.
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