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Quickify gives Spotify users a way to save songs from anywhere in iOS
Spotify users who rock a jailbroken device on iOS 9 are going to love a new free jailbreak tweak called Quickify This tweak allows you to save any of the songs you listen to from the Spotify app via a new button that gets added to the Now Playing view of Control Center and the Lock screen. While lots of people are already listening to their jam that they've saved previously, others are listening to radio stations or music discovery playlists and might hear something new that they like from time to time. With Quickify, you can easily save whatever you hear that you like without having to unlock your device. The button to save a song that's currently playing is added to the Now Playing interface, and makes it easy to access whether your device is locked or you're in another app. If your device is locked, you'll find the button on the Lock screen just right of the fast-forward button:
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