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Connected cars, Windows 10 devices galore, and a peek at Windows Holographic: a CES 2017 recap
At CES 2017, we saw a lot of big Microsoft related announcements, even though Microsoft has pulled out of keynoting a show they once dominated. Whether it was Dell's unveiling of the world's first 8K display, XPS 27 PC, XPS 15 laptop, and XPS Micro PC to Dell's interpretation of the Surface Studio with the Dell Canvas, to a whole list of new Windows 10 laptops from various manufacturers to a 3 screen gaming laptop from Razer, there was plenty of things to be excited about in 2017 for Microsoft and Windows fan.Nissan showed off its new “Intelligent Mobility Technology," starring Cortana after teasing a big announcement on Twitter. If case you missed it, here is the full Nissan keynote video featuring Cortana.
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