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Microsoft's Azure and focus on open source gain popularity, and that's good for SQL Server
2016 was a pretty good year for Microsoft's database software, as SQL Server has just been acknowledged as the database management system of the year by Austrian consulting company Solid IT (via Wired). While Oracle remains the leading system in the company's ranking, “the release of SQL Server 2016 and the announcement to port SQL Server to Linux has certainly helped to curb interest in that product," Solid IT explained in a blog post published today.It's worth noting that the ranking is not based on hard data: instead, the company measures the popularity of different database management systems by mixing different parameters including job offers, professional profile entries, citations on the web and more. “SQL Server is particularly strong in the ranking categories job offers and LinkedIn profiles, but it scores very well also in all the other ranking components such as Search Engine hits, Google Trends and StackOverflow discussions," explained the company.
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