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Here are the iPhone & iPad features Apple didn't give us with iOS 11
Earlier this week, Apple officially unveiled iOS 11 with a host of new features. The update brings things such as a redesigned Control Center, an all-new App Store, and much more. As is the case every year, however, there were things that many users hoped for that ultimately didn't make an appearance… Multiple Account Support iOS 11 was this year chock full of iPad improvements, but one notable feature that didn't make an appearance is multiple account support. Many concepts imagined the iPad with support for more than one user, but ultimately the feature didn't make the cut. Multiple account support would give the iPad Pro a more computer-like feel, while offering users a way to keep their work and relaxation files and applications separate from each other. It was also improve the iPad's use case in enterprise if more than one employee could easily share an iPad. Dark Mode One feature that tops many wish lists every year is dark mode, but alas, another iteration have iOS has been unveiled without such feature. One thing that is new, however, is a “Smart invert” accessibility feature that turns the iOS interface dark, but doesn't affect things such as photos and videos. This feature, however, is more aimed helping accessibility rather than a so-called dark mode feature. Group FaceTime
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