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What's next for AirPods? How Apple could make the best cord-free earbuds even better
Apple's AirPods have only been available for a little over a month and still have 6 week shipping times, but it's possible we could see a second generation sooner rather than later if Apple launches updated AirPods annually and alongside the iPhone 8. Let's take a look at some of the potential upgrades we might see this year. There are many details that Apple nailed with AirPods. At the top of the list is smooth, fast, and consistent pairing and with the W1 chip, the slick and compact charging case, and decent sound and battery life for such lightweight earbuds (check out our AirPods vs. the competition review here). Zac recently noted the great experience of flying with AirPods, preferring them in many ways over his wireless Bose QC35s. However, even if AirPods are the best cord-free earbuds on the market for now, there's always room for improvement. What's next for AirPods?:
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