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'Animal Crossing Direct' Stream Announced for November 2nd - Could 'Animal Crossing' for Mobile Be Revealed Then?
Ever since the initial shocking yet wholly unsurprising announcement that Nintendo would finally be developing mobile games, there hasn't been much news on the promised Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing iOS iterations that are scheduled to launch later this year. Miitomo [Free] came and went extremely quickly, and while Pokemon GO [Free] has taken the world by storm, it was more a Niantic game with a Pokemon theme, rather than a dedicated Nintendo mobile effort. Today, in their 3DS Nintendo Direct presentation, the legendary Japanese developer announced a future Animal Crossing Direct that will take place on November 2nd, and owing to the slated Fall 2016 release date of the iOS version of the life simulation title, there's a very good chance that we will finally learn more details, and maybe even a release date, in this upcoming stream (however, nothing has been confirmed as of yet).
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