Zamen | زامن
OneDrive Preview for Android adds a “clean up space" feature for photo storage
Android users currently have many options to back up their photos to the cloud, including Google's own native Photos app as well as Microsoft's ubiquitous OneDrive app. And if the latter is your favorite cloud storage service, you may be pleased to learn that Microsoft is working on a new feature that will help you save some previous space on your handset (via Android Police). The OneDrive team has announced today on Google+ that the latest preview version of the OneDrive Android app has a new “clean up space" feature: if you have turned on automatic photo uploading in the settings, the OneDrive will now send you notification to offer you to delete the local copies of your recently updated photos. According to the OneDrive team, this notification will pop up every time you upload 1GB of photos to the cloud storage service.
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