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Review: Koogeek Smart Plug is a simple, inexpensive, WiFi HomeKit device to get started with Siri home automation
The Koogeek plug is a simple way to add smart HomeKit functionality to ‘any' device you own with a plug (buy it for $34.99). The idea of a HomeKit plug outlet is by no means new — there are plenty available on the market — but the Koogeek stood out for its simplicity, form factor and WiFi connectivity (see below for full review of how to set it up and how well it works).It also works flawlessly with the iOS 10 Home app which means the switch can be controlled via Siri or via the Control Center pane. There are some caveats to be aware of, but it's a simple, straightforward and inexpensive HomeKit smart plug option …Unlike many HomeKit plugs, the Koogeek connects to the network using 2.4GHz WiFi. If my various experiences with HomeKit items has taught me one lesson, it's that WiFi HomeKit stuff is far superior to Bluetooth ones and a lot of the cheaper HomeKit plug devices communicate, sadly, on Bluetooth. I also like how compact the unit is: it's a very small rectangle with rounded edges that is only slightly larger than a normal power adaptor.The box includes the plug adaptor itself and an instruction sheet to tell you what to do. Physically installing the adaptor is easy; just plug it into the wall socket and then plug whatever ‘dumb' home gadget you want into it. The Koogeek can power accessories up to 2KW which means things like fans, lights, coffee machines and kettles will all work. Big electronics products and appliances like electric radiators will usually exceed the 2KW constraint and are therefore not compatible.
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