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'Bomb Hunters', the Explosive Endless Puzzler by Craneballs, Has Soft Launched
Back in December, Czech developers Craneballs announced Bomb Hunters, their latest game that cleverly merged Crossy Road-esque endless puzzle action with frenetic bomb defusing mechanics. With a back catalogue of strong releases such as Overkill [Free] and Splash Cars [Free], Craneballs had set a precedent that made Bomb Hunters one to look out for, however no explicit release date meant we were left guessing for when we'd be able to experience the interesting amalgamation of game mechanics present in the title. Thankfully, the wait wasn't that long, as today Bomb Hunters has soft launched for gamers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, New Zealand, or The Philippines and all their respective App Stores - if you're outside of these regions, use our soft launch guide to not miss out on the bomb defusing action.
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