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Dell XPS Tower Special Edition 8910 review: A budget-priced PC powerhouse
Dell's XPS Tower Special Edition (8910) is a VR-ready desktop PC with a GTX-1070 that starts at only $1,299. We were also pleasantly surprised by how well it performed with just a Core-i5 processor. Desktop PCs are trying to make a comeback in 2017 and Dell's XPS line, which always stood for premium, is leading the way in the traditional category. While all-in-ones get the sexy chic, the now "classic" tower is still the go-to design for those looking for balanced cost and the ability to upgrade down the road. The XPS Tower Special Edition falls in line with the premium class because it's already an upgrade from the XPS Tower. Featuring anodized aluminum and diamond-cut edges, the Special Edition brings a little extra flair. After spending a few weeks with the XPS Tower Special Edition, here's what I think about it.
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