Zamen | زامن
Windows 10 preview 15002 issues, the dark side of the Insider program
Microsoft's Windows 10 Insider program can be a double-edged sword for many. On the one hand, there is the chance for Insiders to try out the latest cutting edge features coming to the Windows ecosystem at large. However, there is the implicit understanding that those new features need to be tested and ironed out before hitting the public, which can result in a buggy and downright dysfunctional operating experience.For what it's worth, the Windows team traditionally outlines showstopping issues with each release and this week's new preview is no exception. Unfortunately, the issues I'm experiencing in this latest build happen to be some of the ones not listed in the engineer's extensive blog post. With the release of the feature packed preview build 15002 I have found myself hopscotching through a minefield of issues and problems that were not listed by the engineering team. Also, judging by the growing number of comments piling up at the Windows forum, I am not alone.While bugs such as Windows Hello camera not reliably recognizing users and broken DPI scaling in UWP apps have already been noted, it's the bag of shenanigans that have me contemplating rolling back to a more stable
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