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Canary home security cam bringing your footage to the big screen w/ Apple TV & iPad support
The Canary home security cam is a simple and affordable way to monitor activity at home from your iPhone while you're away, and now you'll be able to check in from even more places. Canary is updating its software to work with the Apple TV as well as the iPad for the first time.Previously, Canary was unavailable on the Apple TV and limited to a scaled up iPhone app for iPad users wanting to tap in to the video feed. Now Canary will have offer a proper experience for iPad users and access to live and recorded videos on your Apple TV similar to Nest's recent updateIn my case, my Canary is placed in the same location as my living room Apple TV so the live view doesn't offer much utility, but being able to review footage captured in the timeline and share bookmarked videos with others on the big screen sounds interesting.You could also place Canary cams in other locations and check in from the living room, or take the Apple TV on the road when traveling.
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