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How to buy Nintendo's NES Classic
Nintendo's NES Classic officially goes on sale tomorrow, November 11th, in the United States. And after this week's election, the timing of this glorious distraction machine really couldn't be any better. The mini-console includes 30 retro games and will be available from retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Walmart, and others. But stock is expected to be very, very hard to come by. The NES Classic's appealing $59.99 price — the cost of a single game for modern consoles — will make it a surefire smash hit this holiday season, and some sellers (including Amazon) are already warning of short supply ahead of launch day. So if you miss out tomorrow, there are really no guarantees you'll get your hands on this thing by December or even later. Don't wait. Fight off the ruthless eBayers planning to flip their NES Classics for huge profit and get your must-have stocking stuffer.Below are the crucial specifics on where and when you can try securing your own. Aside from a second controller (and USB extension cord, maybe), don't worry about buying anything extra; an HDMI cable comes packaged in the box. I'll update this article as more retailers provide The Verge with NES Classic release details.
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