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How to Transfer Xbox One Games and Game Saves
You don't need to repurchase your favorite games when you get a new Xbox One. It's easy to transfer Xbox One games and Xbox One game saves to continue where you left off. There are a few ways to move your content, and none of them cost you anything. You can use a game's disc to install your favorite titles on as many Xbox One consoles as you want. Xbox Live links all games and DLC you download directly to your Microsoft Account. Load that Xbox Account on your new console and your games appear. Some gamers use the Xbox One's external hard drive support to move their titles from console to console. You only need a few things to transfer Xbox One games and game saves. Fast internet is a must for using Xbox Live to transfer your content. Moving your titles will take a long time without it. Be sure to write the username and password for your Microsoft Account on a piece of paper. Finally, make sure you have the disc for any physical game that you'd like to move. Here's how to transfer Xbox One games and game saves to another Xbox One console.
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