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Review: Dreampad, the Bluetooth pillow speaker with impressive tech but limited application
Just when you thought there wasn't much left that hasn't already been gadgetized, along comes the Bluetooth pillow …Dreampad is a modern take on a very old idea: a speaker designed to be heard through a pillow, so you can listen without disturbing your partner. But it's not just a Bluetooth speaker embedded in a pillow – it uses a form of direct-transmission sound known as intrasound. This is the technology used by bone-conduction devices sometimes used to allow profoundly deaf people to hear.The use of intrasound technology is at once Dreampad's greatest strength and biggest weakness, as we'll see …Look & feelUnlike conventional pillow speakers, Dreampad is supplied as a complete unit: pillow with embedded speaker. The pillow is currently available in firm and slim forms – aka thick & fluffy and thin – with a medium support one expected to be available in the next month or so.All three versions are hypoallergenic, with 100% poly fill and 100% cotton shell.I'm a slim pillow man, but only the thick & fluffy version was available at the time I received it. For this reason, I won't talk much about feel, as I don't find thick pillows comfortable, but I will say that the pillow both looks and feels much like any other. I'll also note that you can't feel the embedded speaker at all through the thick pillow I tried.The only thing to give away the presence of the speaker is a short 3.5mm jack emerging from one corner. You can, if you wish, plug this directly into an (older) iPhone or iPod, but with the iPhone 7 lacking a headphone socket you'll need the Bluetooth receiver – and this is in any case a more convenient form of connection.The Bluetooth receiver is a white plastic unit around 5.5 x 2.5 x 1cm (2.2 x 1 x 0.4-inch). It has a single combined button and LED light to power it up and pair to your phone. Tucked into the bottom of the pillow, you can't feel it at all.
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