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This is Apple's special tool to help customers recover data from the new MacBook Pro's non-removable SSD
When the first teardown of Apple's new 2016 MacBook Pro was published earlier this month, a couple notable changes were spotted related to the machine's SSD. Components for the SSD are now soldered onto the logic board, which likely allows for some design and thinness enhancements, but hurts overall repairability. On top of not being upgradeable, some speculated that meant that if the logic board fails, your data is gone with it. Not necessarily… Also present is a new mystery connector on the logic board that repair guide site iFixit noted in its teardown wasn't connected to anything. It turns out that the mystery connector is actually there BECAUSE of the soldered down SSD, giving Apple a way to access data on a dead MacBook Pro. Apple stores have a special tool to assist, and they will be offering any 2016 MacBook Pro customers still under warranty attempted data transfer in the event the device doesn't boot, according to sources familiar with Apple's repair process. Apple's new customer data migration tool is specifically designed for the new 2016 MacBook Pro and includes a logic board holder with power adapter that allows repair staff to insert your logic board and connect it via USB-C to a MacBook Pro. That's what the “connector to nowhere” is for, and below is a photo of the new migration tool in action with a logic board inserted in the holder ready to transfer data:
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