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Apple rolling out macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 8 for Mac
Apple is rolling out the eighth macOS 10.12.4 beta for developer testing. The upcoming version of macOS Sierra is the first to bring Night Shift to the Mac. macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta is currently only available to developers and public beta testers. Public beta versions usually come a few days after developer versions if not the same day. macOS 10.12.4 beta also includes changes to Siri, Dictation, and Apple's PDF API: Night Shift now available on the Mac.Dictation support for Shanghainese.Ask Siri about cricket scores, schedules and player rosters. Siri knows about statistics and data from the Indian Premier League and International Cricket Council.Updated PDFKit APIs for better displaying of PDFs in apps that use the framework.This is how Apple describes its Night Shift feature:
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