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Ditto Is Now Available in 'Pokemon GO', Impersonating Other Common Creatures
One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the whole Pokemon GO [Free] phenomenon has been the presence of Ditto within the game. Whether you know Ditto as the jolly, amorphous, transformative blob that is a favorite of many trainers, or if you prefer to use the Pokemon as an egg-creating machine, it has served as a frustrating obstacle for anyone looking to complete their Pokedex within the ultra-popular critter catching simulator. While we found reports that the elusive creature was appearing in the near future, all of a sudden players all around the globe are reporting catching relatively rudimentary Pokemon such as Rattatas and Pidgeys, just to see them transform into Ditto after catching. There's no explanation to why Ditto has suddenly appeared within Pokemon GO, but it sure is exciting news for anyone looking to get one step closer to completing their Pokedex, and an extra reason to catch some more common Pokemon that you would normally ignore.
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