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Apple working with Consumer Reports to understand MacBook Pro battery results and 1st ‘do not recommend' rating
Consumer Reports yesterday dropped a bombshell on Apple, making the new MacBook Pro the first MacBook ever to not receive the publication's recommendation. As for its reasoning, Consumer Reports explained that the inconsistent, yet sometimes impressive, battery life was too big of an issue to overlook.That's what's so ironic about this: Consumer Reports reported a three and a half hour test on the MacBook Pro, which if you've used one like me, know is completely possible with some serious CPU-intensive tasks, but then again tested in the 18-19+ hour range which is totally unbelievable, even if just the screen was on.Now, Apple Marketing executive Phil Schiller says that the company is working with Consumer Reports to “understand” the tests, which seem skewed in Apple's favor…Schiller claims that the results obtained by Consumer Report, which saw battery life of anywhere from 3.5 hours to 19.5 hours, do not match Apple's lab tests or field data. Apple, of course, extensively tests battery life in-house and in real-world use to come up with its own estimates.For its part, Consumer Reports explained that it's normal to see battery life time vary less than 5 percent between tests, making the performance of the MacBook Pro models highly abnormal.
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