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Production of New OLED iPhone With Redesigned Fingerprint ID Solution Unlikely to Start Until September [Report]
Production of the new OLED 'iPhone 8' is unlikely to start until September, according to a new report from DigiTimes. Apple is reportedly planning to use its own Authentec algorithm combined with Privaris glass identification technology to offer a redesigned fingerprint ID solution for the new device. This will push production back until September, according to sources. Apple's in-house developed fingerprint ID solution will be fabricated at TSMC's 12-inch line using 65nm process technology, said the sources, adding that production for the new OLED iPhone is unlikely to start until September due to the redesigned fingerprint ID solution. Unlike the current generation iPhones, the OLED model will not have a home button. Instead, it will feature a built-in fingerprint sensor device and use biometric authentication systems such as ultrasound, DigiTimes' sources indicated. In addition to the new OLED iPhone, Apple is said to be releasing two more iPhone models which will have LCD displays. Those are expected to enter volume production in July. If production of the new OLED iPhone does start in September we could see significant supply issues going in the holiday shopping season. Read More
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