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Tidal's future is brighter after Sprint's investment
Two years after the initial discussions began, Sprint has made a substantial investment in Tidal, acquiring 33 percent of the company. The deal will help stabilize Tidal, which has had issues keeping up with its payments to music labels over the past year, according to multiple sources and numerous reports. Tidal has been looking for a partner for the past year, according to sources, with Samsung and then Apple considering, but ultimately declining, to acquire the company. After those two moves failed, Sprint — Tidal's first potential partner — came back to finish the deal that should've been completed in April 2015. The deal will also spur the creation of a $75 million marketing fund for Tidal artist exclusives and initiatives, according to Billboard. That means we may see more exclusive albums showing up on Tidal this year, and we'll definitely see more concerts and music videos funded by the service.
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