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Mazda confirms CarPlay incoming, incl. updates for all older vehicles w/ Mazda Connect systems
As one of the last big car companies not yet offering Apple's CarPlay in its vehicles, Mazda this week confirmed that it will soon roll out the system, including updating older models through software and possibly hardware updates. reports that Mazda made the announcement during the launch of its new 2017 CX-5 model, and the publication also cites a spokesperson that confirmed all of the company's vehicles using its Mazda Connect in-dash system will be eligible to update. Mazda didn't offer up specifics on which models would get the platform first, but its Mazda Connect system has been in vehicles since 2014, so a large number of customers are set to get the update in the future. The company did note, however, that some vehicles might require a “minimal hardware addition,” but it didn't expand on details for pricing or availability:
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