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Hyperloop One wants to help your self-driving car go the speed of sound
Imagine a future where you tap an app on your smartphone to summon a self-driving car. Heard this one already? Okay, what about when your robot car drives into an airless tube hundreds of miles long and careens across country at close to the speed of sound? Now are you impressed? This completely outrageous vision of the future comes courtesy of Hyperloop One, the occasionally troubled Los Angeles-based startup working on Elon Musk's vision of an ultrafast transportation system. The company is currently gearing up for its big “Kitty Hawk” moment later this year, when it will conduct a full-system test in the desert north of Las Vegas. But while we're still a long way off from seeing a fully functional hyperloop in operation, Hyperloop One's top executives are already thinking ahead to a future where lightning-quick travel is as commonplace as automated vehicles, and vice versa. Some of the startup's top brass were at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month meeting with companies that are working on driverless technology to discuss possible mergers in their respective missions.
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