Old San Juan Best Kept Secrets Tour — Airbnb Experience
San Juan - We will be exploring Old San Juan, a 500-year old walled city that harbors secret corners and little-known spots full of charm and steeped in history, that remain unnoticed to the casual visitor. As you walk through Old San Juan’s blue cobblestoned streets, accompanied by a knowledgeable local architect, we'll be learning about how the city was built in this rocky island jutting out to the sea, observing the urban layout, constructive methods and architectural details of the Spanish colonial buildings and defensive structures. In this 2.5-hour stroll you'll experience historical architecture with an insider, not just as a tourist, since we will be visiting private residences and places with limited access. You'll have a chance to peer into dungeons, wonder at frescoed chapels, and climb rooftops to explore hidden towers, basque in secluded Spanish patios, and learn about the fascinating historical characters and events that shaped the city, as we delve into the mysteries of this quintessential Spanish Caribbean stronghold.
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