Paul & Joey's Guidebook
Paul & Joey's Guidebook. My name is Paul Losier and am from New Brunswick, Canada but now live near Halifax, Nova Scotia on a lake called Lake Echo. The name of my village is Mineville. I love being on the water so we are on our paddle boards almost every day. I did war canoe and C-4 for 9 years with Banook Club in Dartmouth, NS. Joey is from Chéticamp NS. A self employed holistic artist and healer. After working for VIA Rail for 16 years he decided he had enough being away from home. In the last couple of years he took many courses in holistic/energy healing. Most importantly has implied himself into the arts to pursue his passions through his interest. He also loves helping people in any way he can. His addiction comprises health in all it's compartments including creating dishes from local foods and installing mental and physical comforts in all it's glory for himself and his guests.
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