!!![BIG DISCOUNT EVENT]!!! 한국어,영어,일본어 가능!!!
*TWOTEN HOUSE* 벳부역 까지 5분 거리!!! 후쿠오카, 오이타공항 버스 정류장 걸어서 1분 거리!!! 벳부 시내 어디든 3분으로 어디든 가실 수 있으십니다!!! 24시간 답변 가능한 TWOTEN HOUSE!!! 필요하신 물품 및 음식을 원하시면 배달 또한 가능합니다!!! 5minutes!!! from JR Station There are 3 rooms, 2 beds, 1 sofa, Japanese Kotatsu and movie monitor. Cooking at home is OK. Everything is ready. It is 5 minutes to the JR station and 1 minutes to the bus stop. We will provide snacks and Japanese beverages. Also, if you need some goods, we will prepare for guests!
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