Usui's Guidebook
Usui's Guidebook. Hello I am Usui. 您好,我是Usui I was born in 1982 in Taito-ku, Tokyo. 我在1982年出生于东京台东区。 Now I live with my wife and daughter in Shinju-ku. 现在我和我的妻子、女儿住在新宿。 I'm working in the real estate company. 我在房地产公司工作。 I love to eat and travel. Among food I like Sushi, Tempura, and Sashimi. 我热爱美食和旅行。在美食方面,我吃喜欢寿司,天妇罗和生鱼片。 I can not speak English But Oda can speak English so I host in AirBnB with Oda. 我虽然不会说英语,但是我的下属Oda会说英语,所以我与Oda一起主持在AirBnB的工作。 My subordinates Oda be able to speak English.We will support so that you can enjoy the Japan trip. 我的下属Oda会说英语。我们将可以尽力满足您的在路途中的需要,以便您能尽情享受日本之行。 We are going to travel abroad to be or ask a delicious restaurant and ask the way to the local people.I had help during the traveling. 我们要出国旅行,或在旅行期间去寻找美味的餐厅和向当地人问路。我都可以为您提供帮助。 Now we would like to help my guest. 现在我们希望能够帮助我的客人。 I will be able to advice on your trip. For example, you can tell me the delicious restaurant, and then teach the wonderful sights not on the guide book. 我将能够为您的旅行提供建议。 例如,我可以告诉您美味的餐厅和向您介绍不在指南书上的美丽景点。 We are can help you to wonderful thing your trip as possible. 我们会尽可能地让您有个美好的旅行。 Tokyo is a great city. 东京是一个很大的城市。 We will do our best in order to make good your trip. 我们将尽最大努力的为您的旅行做好准备。 We hope you guys spend great time in the Tokyo. 我们希望您能在东京度过一段美好的时光。 We are looking forward to meet you! 我们期待着与您相见!
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