Los Angeles - Reasons to do this hike: 1: You won’t just see the Hollywood Sign, you will see the front, back, side and TOP of the Hollywood Sign. 2: No one takes better pictures of people with the sign. (See Instagram: @HiketheHollywoodSign) 3: Ziggy. Is there a better reviewed dog on AirBnB? (We think not.) 4: Free parking, wifi, restrooms and a place to store your stuff. (These things don’t exist in the park, but they exist at my house, which is where our hike begin & ends.) 5: This is the ONLY sign hike on AirBnB that starts in the original Hollywoodland neighborhood. (Because that's where I live.) 6: This is the ONLY sign hike on AirBnB that doesn’t call itself “#1.” (We think that's lame.) 7: According to one of our guest’s four kids (see reviews) this hike is BETTER than the VIP tour at Universal Studios (not to mention more affordable). 8: THE VIEW FROM THE TOP AT NIGHT: It’s…romantic (guests have gotten engaged up there)…INSPIRING…and an experience I GUARANTEE you'll never forget. Note: I'm not a tour company. Ziggy and I have and will continue to host every hike personally until I finish my book (which will hopefully be sooner than later). We genuinely enjoy hiking with new friends as we share one of our all-time favorite experiences. In return, we ask only that you treat our neighbors and neighborhood with the same care and respect as you would your own.
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