Hi,我是Jen,年轻时走过中国近百个城市,有了孩子后喜欢带着孩子去看世界,现在我爱上了这个风景怡人,物价便宜,美食无数又激情四射的城市,父母也早已定居于此,这是一套在Base公寓为数不多躺床上能看到部分海景的房型,我精心作了装饰,希望能让你的旅途更舒适。Hi, I'm Jen, I travel around China when I was younger, when I have children I take them to see the world, now I'm in love with the scenery pleasant, price cheap, delicious food and countless passionate Pattaya city, parents also settled in this already, my house can see sea in bed. I decorated the room exquisitely. I hope my house can make your trip more comfortable.
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