Don't worry, dear. your HOST can speak English 万能的2号线,机场直达线,昙华林,湖北美院,教授家庭单间 安全,文艺,舒适。 可步行昙华林,户部巷,黄鹤楼,武汉长江大桥 Hubei institute of fine arts Metro line 2 , The subway station pangxiejia A2 exit This is a small yard, there are flower, grass we can drink tea chat together happy to play. Really nice to meet you This is my home, what all have, single room, the clean, quiet , free WIFI 为环保,不提供一次性物品,谢谢大家的理解 名宿不同于酒店,希望大家彼此多些理解 非常感谢
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