Merle's Guidebook
Merle's Guidebook. I am a seasoned female traveler from the USA who has traveled the world & lived in Africa, Brasil, Mexico +. Life's a Beach or at least it use to be. Now ‘Life's a Mountain by the Beach' due to global warming considerations. I do not smoke & am a naturalist. Easy to like & fun loving! I live an environmentally friendly lifestyle & advocate for it, as well. Live simple, so others may simply live is my motto. I am neat & clean & require that from others when sharing my unique round contemporary home in NOLA. I engage in organic gardening on a daily basis when at home & look for that engagement when traveling, i.e. growing coffee in the hills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am a free & responsible spirit who cares deeply for animals, plants, humanity, the environment! I am also a retired Youth Counselor/Gestault Therapist & Innovative Educator. And as an initiate of Ifa divination & Native Amerindian Shamanism, I continue to avail myself to those requesting readings & spiritual guidance.
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