候鸟之家 精品生态园 轰趴徒步聚会 迪士尼客栈 migratory birds Disneyland
“候鸟之家”–人类的迁迁徙,犹如自由的候鸟,回归自然、人本,原味城市徒步,骑行,民宿,融入当地生活,去当地最原始的市场购买食物和必需品而非绝对消费,贴近生活,感受上海浦东本地人最自然的生活. 房主就职于一家普通慢快节奏交替的组织,原来在贵州遵义支援工作过一年,有点小呆萌,喜欢入世出世的田园生活,愿意认识有趣朋友。 human migration, like freedom of migratory birds, return to nature, humanism, plain city walking, cycling, the home stay facility, integrate into local life, go to the local market to buy food and necessities of the original rather than absolute consumption, close to life, feelings of Shanghai pudong locals most natural life.
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