QI Wireless Charging Charger Receiver Module Pad for Micro-USB Universal Mobile
Features: 100% brand new and high quality Micro USB interface have 2 types, forward direction suitable for narrow top wide bottom port, reverse direction suitable for wide top narrow bottom port, you can choose our product type according to your mobile phone's micro USB port type ItemType: Wireless Charging Receiver SuitableDevices: AndroidMobilePhone Reception Voltage: DC5V1.5A Reception Distance: 2-6mm Charging Current: 500-1000mA Transmitting Power: 5W Working Frequency: 100-200KHz Electricity Transformation: >75% ChargingMode: Induction Charging Size: 67*34mm/2.6*1.3in(L*W) Thickness: 1.0mm/0.04in Charging Standard: WPC-1.1 Inter face Mode: MicroUSB Micro USB Interface Type: Forward Direction, Reverse Direction Notice:The product need to match with wireless charging sender fofully usage, wireless charging sender need to accord with QI/1.01.1 wireless charging standard includes:
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