3A/220V-250V Replacement Pendant Fan Wall Light Control Switch Pull Cord Pull Chains
Chain Length:5cm Weight:34g Ceiling pull chain 100% brand new Voltage:3A/220V-250V Size:6.8*3.3cm Color:Gold Package included: 1x Ceiling pull chain switch As the pull switch, pull switch, it can be widely used in wall lamps, table lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps and other lamps, as well as stores, factories and other places online side, install the switch control more convenient and energy saving! How to Use: 1. First fixed zipper switch,screw on the fixed ring ,then put zip through the small wood, with a fitted zip stationary ring on the other side of the zip; 2. One line of the switch connect with the lamp, connected with electrical tape, the rest of the line of lamp and switch directly connect with the live wire and null line,no need to distinguish which is live wire and null line. Note: For your safety, turn off the power during installation situation, be sure to let experienced master electrician operation, to prevent electric shock!
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