'Hypnotising' by Donald Rizzo
Art is the activity that occurs in the space that exists between a viewer’s eyes and the object I've created. It is the interaction between the collective experiences in your brain as you process the way I have chosen to express the collective experiences in my brain. It is only when this exchange takes place that my work becomes Art My process and technique developed from a two and half year psychosis. I found myself staring at reflections, the more uneven the surface the better. This technique I refer to as 
Ambiguous Delusions. I wanted to bring the viewer into the painting. By painting distinct shapes of color, the viewers sub conscience and conscience mind had to deconstruct and reconstruct the fragments of color into something the viewer recognized.. It is the viewer that blends the color, not the artist. The viewer brings to this process their own perspective, their life experiences and history. Each viewer sees the image differently, and creates there own Ambiguous Delusion
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