'The Sound and The Fury' by twgeyer
“Since most of my work is abstract, I look at a blank canvas as the setting for a wonderful adventure, with no preconception of what the finished picture might look like or even where to start. I work purely by instinct. I am primarily inspired by the fresh, honest, spontaneous artistry of children – up to that regrettable day when they, ‘learn how to paint’. As Picasso once said, ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.’ I purposely have never taken an art lesson. If my work looks stylized, contrived or predictable, then I’ve failed. I paint for me – when a painting is finished, it’s out of my hands as to whether or not someone else likes it. At most art festivals, when I’m not minding my own booth, you can find me in the children’s section, where my wondering eyes gaze in amazement upon the original, beautiful art of my young mentors.”
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