'"Stairways by the Sea", Santorini, Greece' by Mary Grden
"Stairways by the Sea" shows a simple but beautiful view high above the Aegean Sea, on the Greek Island of Santorini. The stone patio, stairways seemingly leading into the clouds; a single chair to rest and ponder; and an arch beckoning you to sit out on the veranda, welcome all. See what you want it to be for you. Oil painting is to me much like writing is to an author. Once the paint is put to the canvas, many more than, one, can enjoy. As a self-taught oil painter one of the most important trials for me was learning to sketch. I could mix colors and paint as an impressionist, but my heart was in realism. "Perspective", for a realist, is an essential part of every painting along with the all important "Composition". These, too, I learned from reading and teaching myself the fine art of perceiving depth and perspective. It was my passion for painting that allowed me to learn. Mixing all of my color is the first stage of a painting including the values of each. Fine tuning the values is what creates the shadows for the sides of a building to oppose the front and tells us if the sun is to rise or set. Perspective is enhanced by those values as well and allows us to see the realistic view of an open window or door, winding paths, steps, water and so much more.
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