'Emily Brontë, Original Ink Blot Portrait by Franck de las Mercedes ' by Franck de las Mercedes
On February 18, 2014 I lost my life's work in a five alarm fire that destroyed my home and studio. I didn't know what direction my art would take when/if I started painting again. I relocated to NYC, where I grew up and turned to painting portrait studies with ink, acrylic and crushed charcoal that I picked up from the ashes of my former studio. This original one of a kind portrait study on paper is created with china ink and acrylic, painted with palette knives and acrylic markers. These studies offer a glimpse into my creative process in that moment. Each work is created as a visual footnote expressing or exploring an idea and elements such as line, perspective and composition. I such such techniques and elements as reference for my larger works. All original works come with a certificate of authenticity.
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