'As Scene From Above' by Kevin Wilber
My abstract art is inspired by the beautiful flowing forms found in nature. . . The rock formations of the Colorado Badlands. . . . .The underwater panoply of sea-kelp and anemone . . . . . The furious and violent flow of molten lava . . . . The shifting, blowing sands of an ocean shore . . . . the marbled textures of natural granite. . . or the stark, cratered surface of the Moon. I can get lost for hours in contemplation and meditation as I look at these images . . . . and I hope you enjoy them as well :) These works of art are created with Acrylic paints. I use fluid pours, drizzles, splatters, and drips of paint to create the effects you see here. Each painting is unique and and impossible to duplicate. You can be assured that the painting you purchase is a one-of-a-kind original! Inspired by aerial views of the ocean (with some artistic liberty and imagination added!) Gallery wrapped, with the image continuing on around all 4 sides. Finished with a Glossy UV protectant.
See this content immediately after install