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Andaliman by Asmi Nur Aisyah - Indonesia Drama, Comedy Short Film | Viddsee
For the sake of his wife who often gets cravings in the middle of pregnancy, Sam, the hater of spicy food, is forced to 'get acquainted' with a variety of original spicy sauces from Indonesia.One day Bel craves a sauce, but she has forgotten its name. Sam tries to find the sauce based on Bel's instructions. When Sam has almost given up, he recalls where she had the sauce.Gara-gara istrinya yang sedang ngidam, Sam yang tak suka makanan pedas, dipaksa untuk beradaptasi dengan beragam bumbu dan saus pedas dari Indonesia. Suatu hari, istrinya mengidam sebuah saus tapi tak mengingat namanya. Sam mencoba dan mencicipi semua saus pedas yang ada demi istrinya.
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