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Stranded (擱淺) by Shyan Tan - Singapore Drama Short Film | Viddsee
Stranded shuttles back and forth in time to tell the story of a decaying marriage, when a fatal car accident leaves Nuoyi with only minutes to live. Yang Jun, Nuoyi’s husband, becomes deluded after the knowledge of his impotency. It leads to his insecurity of his ability to fulfill his duties as a husband; as a result, he projects his insecurities and guilt towards his wife in the form of suspicion and frustration.當看見太太諾儀發生了一場嚴重車禍,生命危殆的時候,楊俊頓時看見婚姻漸漸走向擱淺的從前。當他無法在生理上盡做為丈夫的責任,不安全感與自卑漸漸帶他走入了對太太的猜忌與不耐煩。
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